More features!

We have more new features in stock for you. Here is a list of the changes that were deployed last week and are already available inside Nubis Online Payroll.

  • Hourly rate is now automatically calculated for wage, time and a half and double time.
  • Salary advance now supports negative amounts for reimbursements, to allow for exact remittance calculation and empty the advance at the same time.
  • RPP/DPSP Registration Number has been added as well as inter-company regimes benefits
  • A new report; Wage declaration for CSST, has been added
  • When selecting to postpone e-mails for pay stubs delivery, a confirmation e-mail is now sent to the pay master when the pay stubs are delivered to the employees.
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New functionnalities for March 2012

  • Current payroll is automatically preserved, allowing time for approval without having to stay logged in
  • Batch modification of payroll items associated with each employee using standard navigation to accelerate data entry
  • Optional saving of modified payroll items to update the static employee file
  • Pay stubs sent by e-mail can be delayed and sent automatically at a favored time
  • Totals have been added on all Summary screens
  • A specific payroll period filter has been added for employees being paid on a different frequency
  • New payroll history report for all employees including cumulative adjustments either Summary or Detailed

By your continued contribution to Nubis cloud based payroll software using our self-service kiosk, we continue to add new features. Make sure to send your suggestions!

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Nubis Online Payroll Introduction video

Here, you will find a video of Introduction to Nubis Online Payroll. We demonstrate how fast and easy it is to process payroll, with a payroll software that is hosted in the cloud, and that is affordable.


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You account management, now entirely automated!

Manage Your Subscription

As of now, you can subscribe to a monthly plan of your choice by using your credit card via the link Manage my subscription located on the top right corner of Nubis Online Payroll.

Furthermore, it is now possible via this hyperlink to change your current subscription, to cancel or to consult your invoice detail.

Trial Period

When subscribing to Nubis Online Payroll, no credit card information is required. You can fully experience Nubis 50 and all of its advantage for free for 30 days.

Whenever you wish during the trial period, you can subscribe to the most desired plan for your situation, including Nubis Free. You also keep all data entered during the trial period and can begin doing payroll for all your employees right away.


Whether you subscribe at the end of a trial period, or during this one, Nubis Innovations will begin invoicing you on the 1st of the next full month following the trial period. This way, you are not penalized by subscribing at the end of the subscription period.

For example, if you begin your trial on March 29, and you subscribe on April 19th, you will receive the first invoice on June 1st for the month of May.

Every subscription plan is invoiced on the 1st of the month, for the preceding month usage. The amount will be based on the highest plan selected during that period as well as the maximum number of employees for whom payroll was produced.

Annual Subscription

Annual subscriptions are payable in advance by check and are available only by phone. Please contact us before your trial period expires so that your services are not interrupted.


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Better vacations management

Nubis gives you warnings!

In addidtion to alerting you when producing payroll for exceeding vacations being paid at the reference date for the year, Nubis now also warns you if you are paying current cumulated vacations in excess.

Taken Vacations

The vacation amount of an employee is usually based on a percentage of an employees salary received until April 30th of the same year. This reference year (May 1st to April 30th) is defined by the CNT (Art. 66 LNT) and is taken into consideration by Nubis Online Payroll, which cumulates vacations up to April 30th.

When an employee takes a vacation, all you have to do is use the Income – Vacation Pay payroll item. Nubis will then automatically deduct the amount from the accumulated vacations up to April 30th, and will warn you if the amount exceeds what is accumulated.

Furthermore, paid vacations are considered salary and must therefore be added to accumulated vacations for the next year. Nubis Online Payroll will automatically deduct vacation paid from the vacation amount and accumulate the paid percentage for the next year.

Reports justifying accumulated vacations

To justify payable vacations more easily both up to April 30th and accumulated which both appear under cumulative adjustment, the payroll history reports have been modified to display those information for each payroll.

Termination Pay

In this situation, we have created a special payroll category called “Vacation – Separation Payment” which pays off any remaining vacation to the employee, without accumulating more. A warning will only be given by Nubis if the vacation paid exceed the total accumulated amount.


You can find more information about the CNT at Commission des Normes du Travail.

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Welcome to the Nubis Blog!

Welcome to the Nubis Blog, where you can find all the latest news and functionality about Nubis Online Payroll as soon as they are ready or available.

Please note that Nubis Online Payroll is cloud based software and does not need any installation on your part. Nubis also benefits from automatic updates deployed professionally and transparently  by our experts so users can enjoy a trouble free experience, without service interruptions.

We are happy to announce new functionality that have been published recently on Nubis Online Payroll, most of them based on your comments and demands.

These new features of Nubis Online Payroll have been added to the Employee files.

    • The Note tab now allows you to enter any extra information you need for the employee, for internal use.
    • Salary information has been added to the Payroll tab, allowing automatic calculation of annual salary, hourly rate and refresh of the wage, time and a half, and double time payroll items.
    • Employee listing is now grouped by status, as well as Payroll Items
    • The employee list now displays hiring dates and birth dates, allowing for a quick view of important dates for your employees.
    • Added phone numbers, clickable e-mail and much more to the employee list for easier management.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think and what could be improved by using our self-service kiosk. You can access it directly from inside Nubis using the “Request Support” button in your online payroll.

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Time sheets, overtime and time bank management is now available!

Time sheets management is now online!

A- Benefits of using time sheets

Timesheet management allows you to:

1- Punch in entry and exit hours or the number of hours per day

Nubis automatically adds up the number of hours per day based on all entry/exit hours entered. Nubis then converts the total number of hours in decimal numbers.  

2- Identify different elements of payroll

Using timesheets will help you track:

  • hours affected to specific tasks 
  • sick days paid
  • holidays or vacations
  • timebank spent

3- Apply business rules for overtime and timebank hours

Establish your own business rules at your company or employee level to have Nubis calculate time and a half, double time and timebank hours automatically. Daily and weekly maximum can be configured independently.

4- Assign tasks to employees

When entering time sheets, assigning tasks to employees allows you to split your general ledger entries based on the type of work each employee does. 

5- Integrated with electronic punch clock.

Speeds up the time sheet entries by automating the process. Additional validation rules can be applied using the electronic punch clock, such as lunch time, or automatic punch out. 

6- Approve time sheets

Time sheets can be approved in batch or one by one for validation. Once approved, time sheets are automatically transferred to the payroll module for ease of use. By using your business rules, Nubis automatically determines overtime to be paid and time to be put in banks. 

B Who can benefit from time sheets useage?

All Nubis 50 subscriber (and users on the free trial version) have access to the time sheets module and can begin using it right now.

To activate this function, you simply have to enable it under your Company section. Consult our support center

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Latest Changes

Here are the new changes that were deployed recently:

  • Accounting Plan is now divided between system accounts and payroll items accounts
  • Quickbooks and Simply Accounting integration is now supported, as well as Acumatica ERP
  • Remittance payments and cumulative adjustments now generate general ledger transactions.
  • Multiple companies can now be created and accessed directly from within Nubis.

Don’t forget to visit our self-service kiosk, accessible directly from your Nubis online payroll software in the “Need Help?” section.

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