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Why Choose Nubis


Payroll is an essential and critical business process for your company

We understand the importance of such process and this is why we do everything to give you peace of mind in this matter.

  • Automated tests verify data integrity of the system
  • Every type of income, deduction and benefit supported by the government are already configured and useable even without full proper knowledge.
  • Simplified Remittance payments by government level
  • Data is replicated in 2 data center simultaneously, ensuring data security
  • ERP system integration is offered, allowing you to save time wasted on re-entering data
  • Pay Masters validate payroll calculation often to ensure that conformity with the governmental guidelines
  • Software and Hardware redundancy ensure a service level of 99.999% uptime
  • Data Encryption is that of industry standards, approved by the US Governement for SECRET level information
  • Updates are done on a controlled schedule as frequently as possible for important bug fixes. New functionalities are deployed on a monthly basis.


Producing Payroll without errors has always been a demanding process. With Nubis cloud-based payroll, payroll is done easily and rapidly. An assistant will guide you through the 3 steps of configuration and your payroll will be ready to be processed.

Notes and balloon tips are available everywhere of concern to help you make good decisions, and remind you of key software features. You can disable them at your ease. We make it easy for you to find all necessary documentation for your current needs by linking them directly from inside Nubis and our help center.

Furthermore, you have full access to your data at any given time. Since you are in control of your payroll, you can download reports, cancel and redo payroll, update employee information from anywhere, at any time.


Whether it’s from your tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or any compatible web browser, you have access to your payroll system 24/7, wherever you may be.

You also benefit from an unlimited number of users, and suffer from no downtime even during updates.

Key features...

  • No T4,Releve 1 or any tax configuration required

    No T4,Releve 1 or any tax configuration required

    Nubis uses predefined types of income, benefits and deductions approved by the government. This means that you have no tax configuration to take care of, nor do you have to worry about setting them up for the year end reports.

  • History accessible from anywhere, at any time

    History accessible from anywhere, at any time

    Nubis allows you to obtain your payroll information securely at any time, and from anywhere. You can access your data from any device connected to the Internet, such as an iPhone, iPad or an Android device.

  • No software to install, or to update

    No software to install, or to update

    There is no software that you need to install or update. Tax tables are updated automatically when needed and will be totally invisible

  • Accounting system integration is possible

    Accounting system integration is possible

    No need to destabilize your accounting system with each update! Nubis will integrate itself to your accounting system, saving you from those risky accounting software payroll updates all while allowing you to simply sit back and import your data in your accounting software.